EZVIZ Action Camera

• 4K HD


• Distortion Correction

• Dual-mic Noise Reduction

• 2 Inch Touchscreen


2 Inch HD Touchscreen

Interaction as smart as mobile phone.Quick operation and framing, video/photo play-back, install with touchable back-door, available for operation up to 10 meters underwater.

Electronic Image Stabilization

Built-in Gyro/G sensor plus six-axis electronic image stabilization algorithm, it can effectively resist the blur and distortion caused by the jitter of the scene pictures such as riding and aerial photography.


EIS off


EIS on

Dual-mic noise reduction Clear voice recording

Intelligent dual-mic algorithm with software/hardware, collect high-definition of various scenes of the sound.

Low light mode handles all kinds of light intelligently

According to light condition, automatically adapt video recording frame rate, reduce noise point, improve brightness and clarity.

Applicable for professional settings with photo and video

Professional settings, are designed to deliver the full potential of the camera, offering a lower limit of compression, optimized for professional production of film grade video, applicable for manual control of photo/video operation. With customized settings, such as color, ISO, white balance, sharpness, explosure, etc. enjoy manual control experience and indulge your creativity.


Multiple viewing modes

for photo/video playback


Outdoor playback on LCD


Indoor playback on HDTV

Fast and Powerful Photo Capture with 15 shots per second

What happened of the past one second? Just click the shutter, S5 camera will show you 15 moments.

Artisan Design, Exquisite Quality

Support up to 128GB UHS-1 or class 10 TF card, rechargeable battery, heat dissipation design, USB convert to AV, etc.


Various Accessories

EZVIZ Action Camera with more than 20 kinds of accessories to satisfy all kinds of photography creation.

One App Does All the Work

All you need to do for setup is plug in the S5 and connect it to Wi-Fi using the EZVIZ app. The EZVIZ app works with all EZVIZ Cameras.




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