Center of Your Home Security

• Private Protocol Design

• Works with up to 32 EZVIZ Sensors

• Alerts via App, SMS, and Phone Call

• Human Voice Alert

• Built-in Backup Battery


Internet Alarm Hub

A1S is a 100% wire-free Internet Alarm Hub that works with EZVIZ’s smart sensors and security cameras in your house. Together, these security devices alert you to any abnormal events throughout the day and night. Thanks to its built-in rechargeable battery and optional cellular backup, the A1S will make sure your security system stays online and stays connected.


Private Protocol Design


Works with up to 32 EZVIZ Sensors


Internet Connection via Wired, Wi-Fi and Cellular Network


Alerts via App, SMS, and Phone Call


Human Voice Alert


Built-in Backup Battery


Remote Control


Easy Installation

Your New, Custom-Made Smart Home

DIY your integrated smart home system with EZVIZ’s many devices, all wireless and controllable via the EZVIZ App. A1S can connect up to 32 EZVIZ devices within a range of 150 meters (≈ 500 feet) so you can design your security net to provide the right amount of protection for your home.

Three Ways of Connection

We know you only have a limited number of Ethernet ports on your router, so we’ve added wireless connectivity to the A1S. In case of accidental Internet outages, A1S will automatically switch from Cable or Wi-Fi to the cellular backup, delivering non-stop protection. Remote control of the A1S and its connected devices remains effective using the cellular connection.


SIM Card






*A SIM card plus a data plan should be purchased from a local carrier. Note that remote control may be disrupted on 2G connection.


Rechargeable Battery Backup, Just in Case

You can count on the built-in 4,610 mAh battery of the A1S to provide uninterruptible security in the event of unexpected power outages.

Never Miss an Alert

Remote alerts have now gone pro with the A1S! In addition to app notifications, you will also receive alerts in the form of text messages and phone calls after inserting a SIM card — no strings attached! Add a maximum of 3 emergency contacts on the EZVIZ App, and you are safe and sound.


Smarter Protection

Tell A1S you are away, at home, or sleeping on the EZVIZ App or via the EZVIZ Remote Control so it won’t trigger stressful alarms when you’re home, but it will continue to safeguard your house when you’re away.

Security at Your Fingertips

With the EZVIZ App and EZVIZ Studio Software, you can capture, save, protect, and share what’s valuable to you.