Terms & Conditions

§1. General provisions

1. These Terms and Conditions (hereinafter the “Terms and Conditions”) specify the terms and conditions for conducting the ““Coloring Your Christmas with EZVIZ”” (hereinafter the “Contest”).

2. The Organizer of the Contest is Hikvision Europe B.V. registered at Dirk Storklaan 3, 2132 PX Hoofddorp, the Netherlands.

3. Contest entries are accepted from 18 November 2019 until the end of 15 December 2019. 4. The Contest is carried out on EZVIZ contest landing page https://www.ezviz.eu/ezviz-coloring-contest/

§2. Participation in the Contest

1. Only natural persons who have full legal capacity may be Participants of the Contest (hereinafter the “Participant/Participants”). Participation in the Contest may not be directly related to the business or professional activity of the Participant.

2. Employees of the Organizer and employees of EZVIZ, as well as their immediate family members, may not participate in the Contest. “Employees” shall be understood as persons employed by the Organizer or EZVIZ, regardless of the legal basis (including employment relationship or civil law partnership). “Immediate family members” shall be understood as ascendants, descendants, spouses and persons remaining in an adoption-like relationship.

3. Participation in the Contest is free of charge and completely voluntary.

§3. Contest task

1. In order to apply for participation in the Contest, you need to go to contest landing page, download the image, color and decorate the image and upload it on the landing page. The finished work will be sent to marketing.eu@ezvizlife.com automatically. Entries sent directly to marketing.eu@ezvizlife.com will not be accepted.

2. The Contest Post will be published on all EZVIZ Facebook fanpages and all Instagram accounts on 15 November 2019.

3. Winners will be selected based on creativity.

4. Based on the criteria referred to in §3.3 above, from among the Participants who submitted a Contest Entry via the landing page, a three-person jury composed of representatives of the Organizer will select the winners in the number indicated on the landing page.

5. The list of winners selected from among the Contest Entries submitted on the landing page will be announced on 20 December 2019.

6. Each Participant is allowed to submit only one Contest Entry and win only one prize in the Contest.

7. By taking part in the Contest, understood as preparing of the Contest Entry, the Participant declares that he/she has read the Terms and Conditions of the Contest and accepts them.

8. It is forbidden to provide illegal content in the Contest, including submitting responses constituting a violation of law or good manners, in particular personal rights or property rights of third parties, such as personal rights, image rights or copyrights. It is forbidden to submit any responses in the Contest for the purpose of marketing of goods or services not offered by EZVIZ.

9. The Organizer reserves the right to exclude any Participation that violates the Terms and Conditions of the Contest.

10. Incorrect and incomplete entries may be excluded by the Organizer of the Contest also in the event of finding that they violated the Terms and Conditions of the Contest through the use of application time-delayers or interfering with the application’s database.

11. By submitting your work, you agree that EZVIZ may post your work on Facebook account “EZVIZ Europe” and on Instagram account “EzvizEurope” during the campaign. You acknowledge that whether your work will be posted is totally at EZVIZ’s discretion. You shall not claim against EZVIZ for compensation for not posting your work.

§4. Prizes in the Contest

1. The following prizes are to be awarded in the Contest to the winners from among all the participants (hereinafter: the “Prize”):

First prize – EZVIZ C3W Color Night Vision Camera*2
Second prize – EZVIZ C1C FHD Camera*4
Third prize – EZVIZ Action Camera S5 Plus*6
Each winner will also get a Lego City 60212

2. The winner list will be published on the contest landing page, on Facebook EZVIZ Europe fanpage and also on Instagram EzvizEurope. In order to ship out the Prize, EZVIZ will send an email using email address marketing.eu@ezvizlife.com to the winners asking for the detailed shipping addresses. The message from the winners should contain true and current contact details of the winner: first name, last name, mailing address and telephone number, in order to receive the Prize.

3. The Organizer hereby notifies that if, as a result of the Winner’s failure to provide these details within 7 working days from the date of publication of the list of winners of the Contest, referred to in §4.3, or if the Winner provides untrue, incomplete, or outdated contact details, the delivery of the Prize may be impossible. In such a case, the Prize shall remain at the disposal of the Organizer.

4. The Organizer does not provide for the possibility of exchanging the Prize for another prize, including a cash equivalent.

5. The Winner may waive his/her right to the Prize, but in return he/she shall not be entitled to any cash or in-kind equivalent.

6. Prizes will be sent to the Winners at the expense of the Organizer.

7. The Prize awarded may not be transferred by the Winner to any other person or company. Winners shall not be entitled to claim the payment of cash equivalents of the Prizes. Winners shall not be entitled to claim the exchange of the Prizes for another prizes.

§5. Complaints

1. Any complaints related to the Contest may be submitted during the term of the Contest and within 14 days from the end of the Contest, in writing, delivered by registered letter, by courier, or personally to the Organizer’s address, or in a private message sent to the Organizer.

2. The content of the complaint should include the reservations raised and the content of the request, as well as the mailing address to which the reply should be sent.

3. The Organizer will consider the complaint within 30 days from the date of its receipt and will inform the applicant of the position taken. The response to the complaint will be sent by registered mail or e- mail, depending on how the complaint was made.

4. The use of the complaint procedure is voluntary and does not exclude or limit the possibility for Participants to pursue claims by way of court proceedings before a competent common court.

§6. Personal data

1. The controller of the personal data in the Contest is the Organizer of the Contest.

2. Personal data will be processed in order to conduct the Contest, including contacting the winners and for the correct delivery of Prizes and consideration of possible complaints. Providing personal data is voluntary, but it is necessary to issue the Prize to the Participant and to consider a complaint. Participants shall have the right to access their personal data and correct them.

3. The Participant agrees to provide his/her full name in order to be informed of the results of the Contest.

§7. Final provisions

1. The Organizer hereby notifies that the Contest is in no way sponsored, supported, or run by Facebook (Facebook, Inc. with its registered office in Menlo Park, California, United States of America). The Organizer hereby notifies that Facebook is not responsible for the Participants’ participation in the Contest, and, in particular, shall take no responsibility for the content posted by the Participants and the prizes promised by the Organizer.

2. The content of the Terms and Conditions is available at the headquarters of the Organizer and Coordinator and on the Facebook profile.

3. In all matters not covered herein, generally applicable provisions of local law shall apply.

4. All and any disputes regarding the Contest will be settled by a common court of law competent for the Organizer.

5. The final interpretation of the Terms and Conditions shall be the responsibility of the Organizer.