EZVIZ Premium Reseller Program

Smart home market grows rapidly and brings business opportunities to professionals with knowdge and expertise in smart home solutions.  Become an EZVIZ Premium Reseller and grow your business by selling and installing EZVIZ smart home products. EZVIZ offers a simple-to-install and easy-to-sell solution for your business.

EZVIZ Premium Reseller Benefits

Offer the full suite of EZVIZ products to customers.


1. Get premium reseller pricing and perks

Buy EZVIZ products at premium reseller price. Buy EZVIZ products for personal use at special pricing to try them in your home for less. Participate in exclusive EZVIZ rewards programmes and promotions


2. Reach new customers

Get free customer referrals from the EZVIZ shop finder. Access EZVIZ marketing templates, tools and tips. Use the EZVIZ logo in your marketing.


3. Access exclusive training materials

Access exclusive training materials to sell and install EZVIZ products. Attend EZVIZ training events and also get the latest news.


4. Get dedicated support

Your emails will be answered by dedicated support email for EZVIZ Premium Resellers. Access online help and support articles just for EZVIZ Premium Resellers.

Become an EZVIZ Premium Reseller

You’ll get professional pricing and perks, exclusive training and marketing tools, VIP support and customer referrals to help you grow your business. Sign up to become a EZVIZ Premium Reseller and learn how to make each visit count even more.