Wi-Fi Smart Plug

• Remote Control via APP

• Supports 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi

• Power Timer

• Brightness Adjustable Indicators

• Energy Saving

T31 Smart Plug

Compact and powerful, the T31 Wi-Fi Smart Plug enables you to turn your appliances on or off remotely. You can also set them to operate on a schedule, ultimately turning your common devices into smart ones.


Electricity Statistics (CS-T31-16B-EU)


Remote Control via APP


Power Timer


750°C Flame Retardant


Brightness Adjustable Indicators


Energy Saving


*The T31 smart plug comes with three types. We hereafter use T31 US plug for illustration.
For detailed product information of the other two types, please go to corresponding EZVIZ sites.

Real-Time Power Usage Monitoring

We thought you might want to know how much your appliance is costing you to run. T31 tracks the power consumption of connected devices over time and presents detailed reports on the EZVIZ App so that you can keep your electricity bills low.

*Available on CS-T31-16B models only.

Several Control Options

Make life easy by scheduling devices to go on and off at specific times of the week. You will never again have to worry whether you’ve left the iron on when you go out — you can check it remotely and turn it off if you need to.


Works with Voice Assistants

Hands-full? No problem. Ask Google Home or Amazon Echo to turn on or off a connected device for you.

Supports A Wide Range of Devices

With a maximum wattage of 4,000, the T31 can handle just about every high-energy home appliance you’ve got.

Adjustable Indicator Brightness

Do any of your devices have exceedingly bright LED lights keeping you up at night? T31 has brightness-adjustable indicators. Use the EZVIZ App to make the plug fit perfectly with your environment.