C6P (ez360 Pano)

Panoramic Wi-Fi Camera

• 360° Panoramic View

• Super HD Camera

• Dual-Band Wi-Fi

• Two-Way Audio

• Four-screen Split


Welcome to the era of panoramic surveillance with 360° camera

With a 360° panoramic view, C6P camera enables an omniscient perspective, leavingno corners uncovered.

Four preview modes for diverse scenarios

Fisheye panoramic view, expanded view, two-screen split, and four-screen split modes to meet customized needs.


Four-screen split mode within one system to monitor your home and shop all at once.

In the four-screen mode, each of the four monitoring screens can be assigned to cover any user-designated area. One system, four coverage.

300W fish-eye camera allows for panoramic and super HD view

C6P uses SONY 300W starlight sensor and professional CPU to present clear, fine and vibrant images.

Stable dual-band Wi-Fi

Compared with single frequency devices, C6P supports 2.4GHz and 5GHz dual frequency Wi-Fi, which ensures faster wireless transmission, better anti-interference ability, and greater stability without dropping connection.

Two-way real-time voice communication

With powerful speakers and independent sound chambers, the C6P alarm will resonate across every corner.

Infrared night vision for clear-as-day clarity

Using the 300W starlight sensor and four 850nm high-end LED infrared lights, C6P provides comprehensive coverage with a luminescence radius up to 7.5m. The automatic transition from day to night affords you peace of mind.


Durable metal body with rapid heat dissipation

Built with high-strength and anti-corrosion aluminum, which features smooth texture, long service life, and rapid heat dissipation.

Smart Motion detection ensures round-the-clock protection

Switch easily between two protection modes In intelligent detection mode, a notification and relevant images will be sent to user whenever a moving object is detected.

C6P Tutorial

Watch the C6P video tutorial for a complete product demo.


One App Does All the Work

All you need to do for setup is plug in the C6P and connect it to Wi-Fi using the EZVIZ app. The EZVIZ app works with all EZVIZ Cameras.




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