X5S WiFi

Wireless NVR with HDMI & VGA Outputs

• HDMI/VGA Output

• Supports 5-Megapixel cameras

• Wi-Fi Range up to 300 ft. (100 m)

• Supports H.265

• Up to 8TB Storage


Records More Images with Less Storage

The X5S provides faster video streaming and stores more footage than ever thanks to H.265 video compression technology.


H.264 (Mainstream video compression)

Required bandwidth: 100%
Required storage space: 100%

H.265 (Upgraded video compression)

Required bandwidth: 50%
Required storage space: 50%

Captures Details Beautifully

Save your high-quality recordings with X5S. It supports 5-Megapixel resolution when viewing live and playing back video, so nothing escapes the eye.


Achieve Full Coverage

Enjoy entire coverage with no blind spots. The X5S connects up to 4 or 8 Wi-Fi cameras, allowing you to monitor every corner simultaneouslyon multi-split screens.

Hereby declare: Wi-Fi Performance is affected by several factors. The functional performance of the described product may attenu-ate when there is INTERFERENCE caused by wireless routers,mobile cellular 4G base stations, radar, microwave ovens, andsubstation. Wireless performance will be negatively affectedwhen there are physical obstacles, or the IP Camera is placed toofar from the NVR to be linked.